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Information on the Hong Kong protest movement (English language version) complied from various information sources.

Hong Kong passes Chinese Anthem bill.

China to pass National Security Law in Hong Kong that will possibly conflate protests with acts of terrorism. Bill will prohibit speaking out against the government ('subversion').
Bill will prohibit democracy and talks of independence, breaking away from China ('succession'). Bill will potentially allow Chinese forces to operate in Hong Kong under the guise of National Security.

Hong Kong to pass National Anthem Bill requiring Chinese Anthem to be played.

As of yet no police charged with brutality or violence.

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Contact your representatives/MP: (WriteToThem helps you look who yours is):

Tell them you are very concerned about the situation in Hong Kong.Tell them that you support rights for BNO Hong Konger's to have a pathway to full UK citizenship and asylum to the UK.If you know a HKer personally and can sign for their BNO, do so. Find the info on who can sign for a HKer here - this says 'online' but if you live outside of the UK you must sign a paper form for them and send it to them, then they must post it to the UK with their documents.Ask them to uphold the 1984 Sino–British Joint DeclarationAlternately, use Stand with HK to send an pre-written email to your MP that asks them to uphold the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration.Also, donate to Hong Kong Watch, "a UK-based registered charity which researches and monitors threats to Hong Kong’s basic freedoms, the rule of law and autonomy as promised under the ‘one country, two systems’ principle..."


Contact your representatives:

Tell them you are very concerned about the situation in Hong Kong.
Urge them to pass Joint Motion for a Resolution on the situation in Hong Kong (RC-9-2019-0013_EN)


Contact the EDA or Ignazio Cassius, or your representatives in the National Council or Council of States:

Tell them you are very concerned about the situation in Hong Kong.Urge them to make a statement in support of the protesters in Hong Kong and against the excessive police violence there.


Contact politicians to express your concerns and ask for support and solidarity. Ask for political support from the government for the protests in the form of a motion:

GroenlinksVVDCDAD66Ministerie van buitenlandse zakenSend a message to Stef Blok Minister of Foreign Affairs on Twitter.


Donate to the Yellow Dandelion Foundation, a California-based non-profit that provides supplies for protesters in Hong Kong.

Call your representatives (find their number on GovTrack:

Tell them you are very concerned about the situation in Hong Kong.Ask them to support S.3798 - A bill to impose sanctions with respect to foreign persons involved in the erosion of certain obligations of China with respect to Hong Kong, and for other purposes.Tell them that you support the plans to penalise China.Ask them to support the call to suspend future sales of munitions and crowd control equipment to the Hong Kong police.


Use the Alliance Canada Hong Kong's online tool to send a letter to your representatives requesting sanctions against involved officials, support for asylum seekeres, protection for Canadians, investigations into foreign influence and an export ban on military technology (see Canada's Five Demands).

Alternately, find the contact details for your current MPs here and write your own letter of concern and support.


Sign these petitions:

Call on Japanese parliamentarians to start discussions on a Japanese version of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Bill.


Contact members of the parliament to express concern about and solidarity with the protesters of Hong Kong:

Democratic PartyLiberty Korea PartyBareunmirae PartyJustice PartyPost a petition to the Blue House.


Contact your legislator (find them using this or this website):

Tell them you are very concerned about the situation in Hong Kong.Urge them to make a statement that they will protect HK protestors and those detained for political dissidence.
Urge President Tsai to allow HKers to enter the country with more relaxed restrictions and allow asylum.
(Taiwan information via chihao & co.).

Majority of information from Beyond Lennon Walls - read here for a full rundown of what you can do to help HK.

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